Nevada Trust Tax Planning Services

“Wealth is not his that has it, but his that enjoys it.”

– Benjamin Franklin


Nevada Trust Tax Planning & Preparation Services

For clients who would like to limit their fiduciary responsibility as a Nevada trustee or are considering alternative investment mangers for their Nevada trust or foundation, Elysien Private Wealth is there to help. We assist Nevada trusts with their required tax preparation, bank reconciling, tax filing requirements, accounting support and back-office support. These services include principal and income trust reporting, filing and record keeping services. Whether you want to remain the Nevada trustee or would like to find another Nevada trustee for your needs, our Nevada trust tax planning services can help integrate your investment management and tax requirements more efficiently into your goals.

Features and Benefits

  • Consolidation of Nevada trust and non-trust assets in one location
  • Detailed Nevada trust accounting, including separation of principal and income
  • Payment organization to beneficiaries and third parties
  • Nevada trust accounting reports
  • Record keeping of personal tangible and intangible property owned by the Nevada trust
  • Nevada trust tax preparation and filing services

In addition to these benefits, Elysien Private Wealth offers an abundance of trust investment management and fiduciary services that are designed to keep you complaint, secure and on target to meet your needs.


If you have questions or concerns regarding our trust tax preparation or other trust services, please feel free to CONTACT US and one of our qualified professionals will be happy to walk you through the process in a confidential manner.

All of our clients begin with a private, no obligation appointment that will review your trust needs, questions and concerns. We will review all of your current trust documents, tax returns and investments or make recommendations regarding trust structures and planning that may be beneficial for your unique situation.