Nevada Trusts: Review & Advisory Services

“A good plan today, is better than a perfect plan tomorrow.”

– General George S. Patton


Why Create Nevada Trusts?

Affluent individuals and foundations establish Nevada trusts in order to preserve and distribute wealth, as well as to meet many personal and financial objectives. Nevada trusts can be used in order to protect assets from current or future creditors and legal claims. Nevada trusts can be established so the grantor can receive discretionary income and principal distributions from those assets, while keeping those assets protected. Others use Nevada trusts in order to pass wealth from one generation to another, or to provide a framework for charitable contributions. While the reasons for establishing Nevada trusts are virtually limitless, some of the most common reasons to create Nevada trusts are listed below:

  • Minimize estate taxes
  • Protect assets from current or potential creditors
  • Preserve assets for future generations
  • Fund charitable endeavours
  • Manage taxes more efficiently

Nevada Trusts are also legal entities that are created in order to hold assets for the benefit of a beneficiary. The beneficiary may be a person, a group, or another entity like a charity or university. Nevada Trusts enjoy federal and state legal protections that assist grantors in properly moving and holding assets as they chose, while enjoying the benefits of legal protection.

How We Help You With Nevada Trusts

Elysien Private Wealth offers our clients independent, objective financial planning advice for establishing or properly maintaining Nevada trusts. We also can assist individuals and foundations with Nevada trust fiduciary requirements, Nevada trust taxation, custody services, and proper Nevada trust structuring.


If you have questions or concerns regarding existing Nevada trusts, or you are interested in establishing new Nevada trusts, please feel free to CONTACT US and one of our trusted professionals will be happy to walk you through the process of working with our team.