“It’s tangible, it’s solid, it’s beautiful. It’s artistic, from my standpoint, and I just love real estate.”

– Donald Trump

Independent, Fee-Only Real Estate Services – No Commissions & No Conflicts

Did You Ever Wonder…..if your agent was advising you to buy or sell a property primarily because the agent needed the commission?

Have You Ever Thought…..it would be wonderful to work with trusted professionals that give you objective, conflict free real estate advice.

Welcome to Elysien Real Property….Southern Nevada’s first Fee Only Real Estate Advisory Firm.

Elysien Real Property is the first fee only real estate advisory firm in the state of Nevada. Our innovative business platform guarantees that our clients receive independent, conflict free advice no matter what type of property they are looking to acquire or sell.

Residential, Land, Industrial & Commercial Properties are all eligible

Our firm is based on ethics and common sense. This innovative and holistic view of the real estate buisness allows us to be our clients advocates. We work without the traditional conflicts of interest that can occur when clients are involved with commission based real estate salesman. Our team of dedicated professionals charge flat fees for real estate acquisition and liquidation services that are based upon the purchase or sale price of the property. This difference in compensation allows us to work in our cleints best interests at all times.

Benefits of The Elyien Real Property Fee Only Real Estate Services

With Elysien Real Property you will never have to wonder if your real estate professional is showing you….or not showing you certain properties because their commission may be higher or lower than is traditionally offered.

When our experienced professionals are working to sell your property, they will not attempt to push you into accepting an offer, or not accepting an offer because their compensation may be negatively influenced.

You will work with real estate advisors who are the stewards of your investment, not salesman.

You will get unparalleled service and industry knowledge from qualified Las Vegas real estate market specialists.

You will recieve the most innovative marketing programs for selling your property.

At Elysien Real Property, we only accept compensation from our clients. All of our fees are agreed to before we go to work for you and you are always guaranteed conflict free objective advice – no matter what your real estate needs.

To learn more about the Elysien Real Property Fee Only Real Estate Program, please contact us today.