Nevada Bank & Trust Services

“When future historians look back on our way of curing inflation they’ll probably compare it to bloodletting in the Middle Ages.”

– Lee Iacocca


Two Nevada Bank Programs To Fit Your Needs

1) Private Nevada Bank & Trust Services:

Through our Nevada bank custodian Charles Schwab, Elysien Private Wealth offers private Nevada bank and trust services for individuals businesses and families. From high interest checking and savings accounts to complex financing structures, we have responded to the ever changing needs and desires of our Nevada bank and trust clients with innovative private Nevada bank and trust personal services.

Finding solutions for each area of comprehensive wealth management is our guarantee to our Nevada bank and trust clients. Investments, liquidity, credit management, tax and estate planning our some of the many areas that we can incorporate with our Nevada private bank and trust services. We have the expertise, experience and the commitment to artfully structure these separate strands of your wealth management needs into a comprehensive financial plan that is centered around your unique situation.


2) Nevada Bank Link Program:

Keep Your Current Nevada Bank Account, But Get Better CD Rates, Savings Rates & Investment Options

With our private bank and trust services, we can link your current Nevada bank accounts with your Elysien Private Wealth investment or trust account. This allows you to keep your current bank relationship, but gain access to the best CD rates, savings accounts and more competitive lending programs. Because we work with 1,000’s of banking investments from around the country, our clients reap the benefits of secure investments and their current banking relationship.


How Our Nevada Bank Link Program Works

Through our innovative move money platform, we can link your investment account with your Nevada bank accounts. You have access to your Nevada investment accounts 24 hours a day 7 days a week. you may receive checks and a debit card for your investment accounts if you prefer and you can move money as often as you like between your Nevada investment accounts and your Nevada bank account at your current institution. This allows you to maintain your current Nevada bank account and gain access to great savings and investment options, that your current Nevada bank cannot offer. 


Nevada Bank Services Offered For Both Private Nevada Bank & Nevada Bank Link Programs


Deposit and Cash Management Services
• Checking and savings
• Electronic banking and bill payment
• Cash management
• Move money services


Credit and Lending Services
• Secured and unsecured lending
• Letters of credit & equity lines
• Commercial real estate finance
• Hedging & inflation protection strategies
• Jumbo & traditional mortgages
• Construction and special project lending