Las Vegas Financial Planner, Wealth Management & Investments

“There are several important aspects of asset allocation: get your risk level correct, match it to your time horizon, be diversified, be tax efficient, and then get high alpha – but only after you’ve accomplished all those other things.”

– Roger Ibbotson


Las Vegas Financial Planner Dedicated to Financial Security & Transperancy

Elysien Private Wealth provides all clients with  a Las Vegas financial planner that can assist with complete cash flow, investment planning, and documentation support solution that are designed to cater to the needs of individuals, endowments, small business owners, foundations, and family offices. Our services allow clients to see their entire financial picture. A financial picture that is up-to-date and can be viewed from anywhere in the world 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year through a personal and secure financial homepage or by contacting their Las Vegas financial planner. A dedicated Las Vegas financial planner from Elysien will help build a personal client relationship program that is unmatched in the industry and helps our clients streamline their financial life, making their investment experience enjoyable and hassle-free.

Our web-based financial and wealth-planning solution provides both you and your Las Vegas financial planner with an updated, 360 degree view of your financial portfolio. Our technology integrates features and functions that enable more holistic financial planning and concierge-level service from your Las Vegas financial planner for complex investment management needs. You can customize your financial information with your other advisors and can maintain control of accounts that your Elysien Las Vegas financial planner manages, as well as accounts with other firms. With Elysien Private Wealth and your trusted Las Vegas financial planner as your stewards, you will always have a transparent and updated view of your most important financial and investment documents.


Benefits of our Wealth Management Technology


*Holistic view of your most important investment and financial documents.
*Secure online access to your accounts that is personalized to your needs.
*Updated account information available at your convenience.
*Maintenance of accounts with your Las Vegas financial planner & accounts outside of our management.
*Account information for investments, annuities, insurance, trusts, wills, banking, other documents.
*Access available to your other trusted advisors like CPAs and attorneys.
*Real time investment information that is accessible directly to you and your Las Vegas financial planner.