Dimensional Fund Advisor Certified

“Our success has really been based on partnerships from the very beginning.”

– Bill Gates


Dimensional Fund Advisor: Elysien Private Wealth

Elysien Private Wealth has been selected as a certified Dimensional Fund Advisor and can work with one of the most exclusive institutional investment management firms in the country, Dimensional Fund Advisors. Dimensional only provides their services through institutional investors or certified fee only Dimensional Fund Advisor financial advisors. Individual investors, business owners, foundations and endowments can typically only access Dimensional Fund Advisor services through a select group of fee only Dimensional Fund Advisor financial advisors that have gone through a rigorous selection process. Currently Dimensional Funds manages more than $167 billion dollars in assets worldwide.


What Makes A Dimensional Fund Advisor Different?

A certified Dimensional Fund Advisor does not actively pick stocks, nor do they passively track commercial indexes. Instead, they structure portfolios along the dimensions of risk and return as identified through financial science. The objective of the firm is to structure globally diversified portfolios and to increase returns through state-of-the-art portfolio design and trading. At Elysien Private Wealth, Dimensional Funds provide a broad base for our portfolio engineering process.


Investment Philosophy Grounded in Robust Scientific Research

Our Dimensional Fund Advisor core beliefs are that markets work, risk and return are related, and diversification is key. These are all common threads in the Elysien Private Wealth Dimensional Fund Advisor investment philosophy. Research by Professors Eugene Fama and Kenneth French identified equity market exposure, capitalization, and price relative to fundamentals as the three factors that primarily determine the returns of a broadly diversified portfolio. The work of Fama and French has proven correct through rigorous open review, and Dimensional’s strategies capture their insights.


Focusing on Investing, Not Forecasting

A Dimensional Fund Advisor believes that, over time, a well-structured investment approach will add value with a higher reliability and confidence level than one based on instinct and prediction. This equilibrium view of the markets provides a solid foundation for portfolio engineering and financial science.


Trading Advantage

A Dimensional Fund Advisor believes that careful trading can reduce or even reverse the costs borne by traditional money managers. Since Dimensional focuses on capturing the systematic performance of broad market dimensions rather than the random fluctuations of individual securities, they can keep costs low, patiently and expertly. Dimensional concentrates on favorable price execution that neutralizes the effects of momentum and index reconstruction.


Low Costs

In line with a structured, engineered approach to investing, our Dimensional Fund Advisor investment management fees are positioned well below those of traditional active managers. Our Dimensional Fund Advisor trading strategies are designed specifically to reduce trading cost and maximize returns.