“Any informed borrower is simply less vulnerable to fraud and abuse”

– Alan Greenspan

Americas First Fee Only Independent Mortgage & Lending Advisors

Elysien Private Wealth removes the fraud, high interest rates, excessive fees, conflicts of interest, and general bad experiences of dealing with traditional lenders. Finally, there is a financial services company that is accountable and can guarantee honest common sense solutions for their clients.

Elysien Private Wealth does not accept fees, commissions, or other forms of compensation from sources other than our clients. Our fees are typically 50% to 75% less than traditional loan brokers and our interest rates are ¼ to ¾ percent lower than the national average. Our innovative business model allows us to work in our clients’ best interests at all times without the conflicts of interest you typically find when dealing with traditional lenders, brokers, or bankers. We are passionate about exceeding expectations for common or complex loan scenarios for affluent individuals, businesses, and institutions throughout the country.

How We Are Different: The Fee Only Advantage

Our “fee only” business model was adapted from our Registered Investment Advisory firm platform. We hold a fiduciary duty to our clients and are proud to act in their best interests at all times. We do not accept any form of compensation from any source other than our clients. This means that when you retain our services, you can be confident that the recommendations we provide you are objective and accountable. You can also be assured that we will not receive any compensation from the companies or products that we recommend. Our open architecture platform allows us to use the best lenders, banks, insurance companies, private equity firms, and portfolio lenders in the country to serve your needs.

Open Architecture & Independent Lending Services

Many banks and lenders are required to sell products and services that only their company can provide. This is known as being a “captive lender” or having “proprietary products.” This can create conflicts of interest since the rate and terms the lender sells may not be competitive on the open market. Since the lender is “captive” they do not have the option of looking for other financing sources outside of their organization. Also, many banks are not required to disclose unnecessary increases in interest rates, fees, and commissions that are passed onto their clients. This outdated business practice can costs clients thousands of dollars in excessive fees and commissions, as well as, unnecessary increases to interest rates and payments over the life of the loan.

Elysien Private Wealth does not sell any products, we provide objective, accountable, and common sense advice for independent mortgage and lending services. We have an open architecture platform, which means we are not limited to any one bank or lender and have access to some of the best loan programs and most competitive fee structures in the nation – no matter what type of program for which you are looking. Also, all of our compensation is 100% transparent and agreed to by our clients prior to signing a contract.

No Quotas or Production Minimums

Many traditional loan brokers have contracts with banks and lenders that require a minimum dollar amount of monthly production in order to remain affiliated with the lender. This creates conflicts of interest with clients, who may be pushed towards loan products that do not have the most competitive terms or rates available. This is done so the broker may continue to do business with the lender.

Elysien Private Wealth does not tolerate contracts with lenders that require quotas or minimum production. Since we do not accept any form of compensation from sources other than our clients, we are able to work with every lender, without conflicts. This allows us to find the most competitive rates, terms, and programs available.

Lending Advisory Account Services apply to the following programs

Residential & Commercial Real Estate Mortgages
Land Loans
Construction to Permanent Financing
Development & Industrial Real Estate
Equity Lines of Credit
Business Lines of Credit
Personal Lines of Credit
SBA Loans 7a & 504
Aviation, Equipment, & Fleet Finance
Health Care, Energy, & Entertainment Finance
Pledged Asset & Securities Lending
Premium Financing