“Adversity is the first path to truth.”

– Lord Byron

Commercial Loan Modification & Forensic Audit Services

With the economy changing and commercial properties losing value and occupancy, sometimes it makes sense to review your current financing terms in order to see if a more advantageous loan can be arranged with your lender. Elysien Private Wealth & Real Property is here to help business owners with the restructuring and modification of their commercial mortgage loans. A commercial loan modification can be completed by our experienced and professional group of advisors and commercial real estate experts.

With the commercial real estate market continuing to decline, many businesses are finding it difficult to meet the interest and principal payments on their commercial real estate loans. The increasing amount of defaults has forced commercial lenders, banks and community banks to reconsider their positions and renegotiate the terms of commercial mortgages in order to avoid default and foreclosure.

Your Lender Does Not Want To Foreclose

No lender or commercial real estate owner wants their building to go into foreclosure. A foreclosure costs the lenders much more money and time than a modification does. It is also a devastating problem for the business owner – as it severely impacts credit, income and business revenue. With formerly high credit quality owners financially unstable, banks have fewer people to lend to in the future. Banks do not want this to happen.

A commercial loan modification is a reasonable and cheap solution for business owners and lenders to keep their assets performing. With widespread bankruptcies, dropping property values, mass unenployment and foreclosures, business owners need sound solutions that can assist them with maintaining their real estate assets.

How The Process Works

The commercial loan modification process is designed for business owners or individuals that own commercial properties such as: office buildings, shopping centers, apartment buildings, warehouses, industrial buildings, retail properties, and other business related real estate properties. We work with you needs and will negotiate with your mortgage holder to permanently alter the terms of the original loan, in order to make the terms more congruent to the new economic realities of the commercial real estate market.

The commercial loan modification process is an adjustment to the terms of the current loan – and can include the following solutions in order to facilitate a lower, more affordable monthly payment.

Interest Rate ModificationYour lender agrees to lower the interest rate, thus lowering the payment

Term Loan ModificationThe repayment period of the loan is extended out to a term that will assist the owner

Principal Balance ReductionThe lender agrees to reduce the principal amount owed

Interest Only PaymentsThe lender allows for an interest only payment for a period of years to help the owner

Forbearance – P & I payments are reduced for a period, then are placed at the end of the loan and recapitalized

Short SaleLender agrees to allow owner to sell the property for less than is owed, and forgive the difference

Elysien Private Wealth & Real Property has a team of experienced and dedicated professionals that can assist you with your loan modification. We will work with your lender to request a commercial loan modification and will guarantee that your personal information will be kept confidential. We can facilitate loan modification services throughout Nevada and the rest of the United States.