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“Riches…..very seldom remain long in the same family”

– Adam Smith


Las Vegas Estate Planning, The Death Tax & Effects on Generational Wealth

The effects of the “death tax” or “estate tax” on Las Vegas estate planning goals can be devastating to the multi-generational wealth building that many families, businesses and individuals prepare. Without proper Las Vegas estate planning, hard earned assets can disappear very quickly. One has to consider the idea that as a family grows from one generation to the next, the typical family doubles in numbers. This means that the spending needs, taxes, and inflation interests also double, while the assets accumulated may not be growing at the same rate. This creates a wealth deficit, that may eventually evaporate the accumulated efforts of the families current generation.

Given the sheer number of Las Vegas estate planning techniques and vehicles available, families are often overwhelmed by the amount of Las Vegas estate planning that is needed to integrate an estate plan into their overall wealth management and financial plans. We help clients understand complex Las Vegas estate planing techniques and assist them with incorporating the correct solutions into their financial plans. Many Las Vegas estate planning clients tend to avoid wealth transfer planning because it addresses sensitive topics like death, illness, and funerals. What families need to keep in mind is that proper Las Vegas estate planning focuses on life after death.  Effective Las Vegas estate planning will assist in correctly designating who gets what and when they get it. Without the benefit of a proper estate plan, these decisions could be left up to the courts.

Elysien Private Wealth can help you establish, update, or maintain proper Las Vegas estate planning needs that are beneficial to your family, your foundation, or your small business. We will help to incorporate common or advanced Las Vegas estate planning techniques with a team of professionals based on your unique situation, and will do so with precision, compassion, and professionalism.