Las Vegas Estate Planning & Charitable Gifting

“I resolved to stop accumulating and begin the the infinitely more serious and difficult task of wise distribution.”

– Andrew Carnegie


Las Vegas Estate Planning & Your Philanthropic Needs

According to The Giving USA Foundation, Americans donated more than 300 billion dollars in charitable contributions for both 2007 and 2008 respectively. These gifts were given through: donor advised funds, charitable foundations, private foundations, equity gifts, individual contributions, estate distributions, and insurance proceeds – as well as other platforms. The options available for families to create meaningful and effective Las Vegas estate planning philanthropic strategies vary wildly. It is no wonder why families, foundations, and individuals alike are often vexed when it comes to creating and developing positive Las Vegas estate planning charitable giving solutions efficiently. Questions range from what missions to support, how engaged individuals want to be in those missions, if gifts will be singular or perpetual, and what the most effective tax strategies are, as well as many others.

Implementing the proper Las Vegas estate planning charitable gifting and philanthropic strategy is a very important aspect to your overall wealth management plan. Proper Las Vegas estate planning charitable gifting services can add numerous benefits, both financially and holistically to the family. Not only can sound charitable gifting make a positive difference in the world and your community, it can also assist in transferring family values. A strong way to dissuade the negative effects of wealth in families is to get future generations involved with philanthropic organizations. This can create real world educational experiences, build family ties, and can help to shape stronger individuals and families.

Las Vegas Estate Planning & Your Philanthropic Solutions

Elysien Private Wealth can help your Las Vegas estate planning needs by establishing a donor advised fund, or a family foundation that can assist you with developing gifting solutions. These two common Las Vegas estate planning tools will exceed the expectations you outline for your needs. We will work with other charitable gifting and philanthropic experts in order to guarantee that your Las Vegas estate planning wishes are brought to fruition. When it comes to your charitable gifting we will expertly guide you through the investment world and work with your other advisers to implement your philanthropic life into your over wealth management strategy. Through a series of questions and advisory meetings we will establish the following Las Vegas estate planning charitable framework for your foundation or family.


Las Vegas Estate Planning Charitable Framework Outline

* Building a Mission Statement – This step will establish your philanthropic framework.

* Implementation Strategy – This will assist you in selecting proper investment vehicles for your gift.

* Entity Selection – This step will establish what type of legal structure your gift will have.

* Grant Distribution & Maintenance – This step guarantees that your gifts are distributed & properly managed.