“Trust men and they will be true to you; treat them greatly, and they will show themselves great.”

-Ralph Waldo Emerson

Elysien Private Wealth & Real Property Professional Alliance Program:

For qualified attorney’s, trust companies, accountants, CPA’s and other professional service providers we have created the Elysien Alliance Partners Program. This program is designed to add value, credibility and additional revenue sources for business professionals who are looking to add more value to their clients lives and diversify their business interests.

How The Program Works:

We work with you and your business model in order to identify areas where our firm can add value and services to your clients. Once this is accomplished, we will act as your outsourced money management and consulting firm. When we work with one of your clients, you will be compensated for the services we provide to your client, or alternatively, we may rebate your fees directly to our clients.*

Benefits for the Professional:

Independent, Fee Only Wealth Management & Financial Planning: Elysien Private Wealth is dedicated to serving your clients with conflict-free, independent advice. We do not accept commissions or any other form of compensation from parties other than our clients. We can guarantee sound investment management and financial planning services for all of your clients.

Coordination of Services: At Elysien Private Wealth you will receive statements and account information for all of your clients. You will have real-time access to all of your clients’ accounts and other financial documents like trusts and wills. This will allow you to actively manage your clients’ relationships while maintaining your position as their primary contact.

Addition of Services: Partnering with us will allow your firm to add value to your client relationships by being able to provide a breadth and depth of services unparalleled in the industry – All without conflict, and available to you through our network.

Fee Guarantee: For our CPA alliance partners, with every qualified account, Elysien Private Wealth will pay for all of your clients’ personal, joint, or corporate tax preparation and filing fees*. This way, you can add our services while maintaining a guarantee of fee payment, while encouraging your clients to be loyal to your firm, since their tax returns will be free every year.

Additional Revenue: For professionals who would like to add additional sources of revenue to their firms, we created the Elysien Partners Program*, which can help you to add revenue streams to your firm by offering asset management, financial planning, lending, insurance, loss mitigation, and real estate advisory to your company’s repertoire of services.

No Competition: Elysien Private Wealth takes our partners and clients privacy very seriously. When you partner with our firm, we will guarantee that no conflicting products or service providers will ever be introduced to your clients through our company – and yes, we will put that in writing.

Services We Offer:

Fee-Only Financial Planning & Asset Management: Independent, Open Architecture, No Commissions, No Conflicts.

Fee-Only Lending Advisory: Pioneering firm for this account – Mortgage, SBA Loans, Securities Lending, Commercial, & Residential.

Fee-Based Insurance Services: Life, Annuity, Health, Property, & Casualty.

Fee-Only Real Estate Advisory: Pioneering firm for this account – Commercial, Residential, REIT, & Property Management.

Estate Planning: Insurance, Charitable Gifting, Trust Services, & Planning.

Trust Services: Taxation, Management, & Structure.

Charitable Gifting, Legacy Planning & Management: Endowments, Micro-Lending, Charitable Funds, & Charitable Trusts.

Private Banking: High Interest Checking, Savings, Money Market, & Cash Management.

Commercial Real Estate & SBA Loan Loss Mitigation Services: Loan Modification and Audit Services.

*Elysien Private Wealth is a registered investment Advisor in the state of Nevada. Some products and services offered through our firm may be provided through our Elysien Partners Program.
*Tax services for qualified accounts. Individual clients must have a minimum portfolio value of $500,000, married couples a total portfolio value of $750,000, and corporate clients must maintain a minimum portfolio value of $1,000,000 in order for this service to be valid. Tax payment services are capped at a total payment amount of $300.00 per individual, $500 for joint returns, and $1,000 for corporate returns annually. Partner understands that any fee sharing may be in the form of a reduction in Elysien Private Wealth’s fees directly to the client. In this event the client will be notified that his or her fees have been reduced in order to cover the expenses inquired by the partner. In order to be eligible for the Elysien Partners program, partners may need to be licensed in the respective services they intend to be compensated for and must sign and adhere to all policies outlined in the Elysien Alliance Partners Program contract. This offer should not be considered a solicitation to buy or sell securities or any other products or services in the state of Nevada or The United States of America.