Las Vegas Financial Advisors: The Financial Planning Process

“No road is long with good company.”

– Turkish Proverb

Las Vegas Financial Advisors: The Elysien Private Wealth Process


Step 1 – Our Las Vegas Financial Advisors & Getting to Know You

All of our Las Vegas financial advisors provide a complimentary initial introductory appointment at no charge to potential clients. This provides you with the opportunity to present an overview of your financial framework, concerns and expectations to our Las Vegas financial advisors. Our Las Vegas financial advisors will then will mutually review potential strategies and possible solutions for your financial needs in order to determine if Elysien Private Wealth is able to exceed your expectations and if you will be a positive addition to our firm as a long term client.

The goal of our Las Vegas financial advisors is to build a mutually beneficial relationship with you that is founded on trust and transparency. A relationship that provides ongoing financial advice to help you, your family, or your business make more informed, lasting, financial decisions. It is a relationship in which our Las Vegas financial advisors will take an integrated wealth management approach in order to gain complete understanding of your financial life. For individual clients, our goal is to to build a strong relationship that will continue for multiple generations of your family. This approach to relationship building is one of the many factors that separates our Las Vegas financial advisors from the large investment, insurance and banking corporations.


Step 2 – Our Las Vegas Financial Advisors: Helping You To Move Forward 

Once we have mutually determined that our Las Vegas financial advisors  are a good fit for your needs, we will move into the strategy development and implementation aspect of your wealth management platform.

Our Las Vegas financial advisors wealth management platform provides you with a transparent approach to holistic financial planning and integrated investment management. It is a complex and disciplined process that includes the following steps.

• consultation of current investment strategy review
• overview and compilation of business and personal financial information
• discussing and discovering financial goals and objectives
• analysis of portfolio and desired objectives
• development of tactics and strategies in a formal plan format
• implementation of your objectives and portfolio
• daily monitoring your plan and adjusting your portfolio strategy as needed


Step 3 – Las Vegas Financial Advisors Custom Portfolio Construction 

Our Las Vegas financial advisors process is very comprehensive. In order to be a proper steward of your estate, we feel that it is imperative for our Las Vegas financial advisors to conduct a thorough evaluation of your current: financial situation, income tax concerns, investment planning, estate planning services, retirement plans, liability management strategies, real estate holdings, risk management concerns, and trust evaluations with specific recommendations in each of these areas. Our Las Vegas financial advisors comprehensive planning is an ongoing service that requires review and revision periodically as your needs change.


Step 4 – Las Vegas Financial Advisors Comprehensive Financial Planning

Your Las Vegas financial advisors will coordinate your plan with your other professional advisors, so they have real time access to your important financial information, all from one secure and private location. Your financial plan may address and and or all of the following concerns:

  •  investment portfolio analysis, recommendations, and implementation
  •  income tax and cash flow review
  •  assessment of custom portfolio risk and return potential
  •  education finance review and structuring
  •  estate tax liability analysis, multi-generational asset and family business transfer strategies
  •  insurance assessment: life, disability, LTC, health, property/casualty, liability, professional, and umbrella policies
  •  retirement strategies for accumulation and tax efficient distributions utilizing potential income variation forecasting
  •  business consulting and benefit evaluation for privately held businesses, self-employed individuals, or entrepreneurs
  •  executive compensation, concentrated stock, and restricted stock analysis and allocation strategies
  •  liability assessment and review of long and short term debt structuring
  •  real estate holdings analysis, liquidity assessment, and portfolio review
  •  cash management and private banking evaluation for short and long term positions
  •  integrated technological platform aggregating financial data for your investments, insurance, banking, & estate planning documents


Step 5 – Las Vegas Financial Advisors Monitoring, Maintenance & Review

Our Las Veags financial advisors provide continuous monitoring, maintenance and review of your portfolio based upon the risk assessment, objectives, and time frames you have specified. Our Las Vegas financial advisors will develop your Investment Policy Statement (IPS) and create an investment portfolio based upon your preferences as set forth in your IPS.

Our Las Vegas financial advisors will consistently review your portfolio and meet with you as needed in order to maintain your objectives. Your portfolio may include any or all of the following types of investments; individual equity securities, stocks, no-load mutual funds, ETFs, municipal and corporate bonds, government securities, alternative investments, hedge funds, private equity investments, REIT’s, annuities, separately managed accounts, and various other investment products. Your allocation plan will take into consideration your overall assets, management style, risk analysis and time frame.

In order to schedule a private no obligation appointment with one of our licensed Las Vegas financial advisors, please feel free to contact us.