Las Vegas Financial Advisors & Our Investment Philosophy

“Our ideals laws and customs should be based on the proposition that each generation becomes the custodian rather than the absolute owner of our resources and each generation has the obligation to pass this inheritance on to the future.”

– Charles Lindbergh


Las Vegas Financial Advisors & The Elysien Philosophy


We believe that markets are efficient and that the majority of our Las Vegas financial advisors client returns are seen through proper asset allocation, keeping internal fees low, efficient trading and portfolio engineering. We utilize an equilibrium approach to our Las Vegas financial advisors investment management philosophy that incorporates the use of passive management with strategic tilts towards value and small cap firms. Unlike many large Las Vegas financial advisors and investment firms, we take a fiduciary oath regarding our stewardship of your assets. Simply put, with our comprehensive wealth management solutions, you can rest assured that you are always receiving conflict free, objective advice from a team of true Las Vegas financial advisors.


Our Las Vegas Financial Advisors: Your Fiduciary Advocate


We are a fee-only Las Vegas financial advisors. We do not sell any products or accept commissions for investment products. We are only compensated by clients and do not sell any proprietary securities.

We believe that it is not prudent for most investors to attempt to “beat the market” by market timing, day trading, or stock speculation – especially for our Las Vegas financial advisors clients, that have amassed considerable wealth and have more complex planning needs. Finding and monitoring the correct investments are a unique challenge that takes diligence and discipline for both your Las Veags financial advisors and comprehensively for your investment management firm. What may work well and is efficient for a foundation or a business, may not be the best investment for an individual. These techniques help us navigate difficult planning needs, such as the effect taxes have on an estate, investment time lines and the desired use of a portfolio.


Las Vegas Financial Advisors & Dimensional Funds


Elysien Private Wealth and our Las Vegas financial advisors have been hand selected to work with the exclusive money management firm Dimensional Fund Advisors. Dimensional Funds are only available through carefully selected, fee only, Las Vegas financial advisors and are a valuable resource to us. With Dimensional Funds and Elysien Private Wealth, we utilize a portfolio engineering program based on scientific research – not on forecasting markets. This ensures that you are receiving talented and scientifically proven asset management that is being engineered with proper care and oversight.


Las Vegas Financial Advisors Wealth Preservation and Growth


We believe in asset allocation and the preservation of wealth. We do not take unnecessary risks at Elysien Private Wealth. We feel that wealth preservation is just as important as wealth accumulation. When constructing a portfolio we develop a comprehensive investment policy statement and use this strategy in order to ascertain your investment profile. From there, our Las Vegas financial advisors measure and consider your timeline, asset structure, and return potential in order to design a custom portfolio that will meet your needs.


Las Vegas Financial Advisors Open Architecture Platform


Our Las Vegas financial advisors will utilize the best investments available for your situation, no matter where they are located or who has issued them. We are not tied to certain investment banks inside or outside of Las Vegas, Nevada. If the investment meets your needs, we will incorporate it. As a Registered Investment Advisor, Elysien Private Wealth has access to an array of institutional investment programs that the general public and many other Las Vegas financial advisors and firms do not. These unique programs include: top tier private equity firms, hedge funds, mutual funds, closed end funds, exchange traded funds (ETF), stocks, bonds, Real Estate Investment Trusts (REIT’), separately managed accounts (SMA), retirement platforms, private placement programs, direct participation programs (DPP), no load annuities, equities, debt instruments and cash equivalents.


Las Vegas Financial Advisors: Wealth Management Solutions


Our Las Vegas financial advisors wealth strategies do not end at simply building you a portfolio. It is our duty to ensure we have reviewed your entire financial structure in order to ensure we have a solid understanding of your financial picture and the risks you face as an investor. This is a complex process that involves the evaluation of your investment portfolio, liabilities, tax structure, estate planning needs, budgeting, real estate holdings, and retirement planning. Each of these wealth management solutions require in depth evaluation and consistent review.


Las Vegas Financial Advisors Integrated Technology


Our Las Vegas financial advisors provide a unique business model and wealth management platform that allows us to incorporate your entire financial picture into one secure location. Whether our Las Veags financial advisors are managing your assets or not, we are alerted 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to any changes in your investment allocation. Through our system of financial management, you have access to your accounts at all times with one secure location for your most precious documents including wills, trust documents, portfolio statements, insurance policies, or any other forms that are important to you. Our move money platform through our custodian Charles Schwab allows us to manage your cash positions and maneuver your assets to pay bills or take care of immediate cash needs.

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