PEW Research Study Shows Nevada Pensions Way Underfunded

August 29th, 2012

A recent PEW Research study is showing how severely Nevada Pension plans have been underfunded by state and local government. You can review the report here.

Read Tony DePasquale’s Latest Interview in Nevada Business Magazine

August 13th, 2012

Elysien Private Wealth President Tony DePasquale was recently interviewed by Howard Riell in Nevada Business Magazine regarding new trends in retirement planning. Tony discusses why retirement plans are failing and what you can do abut them. You can read the entire article, Wealth Management Tending To Retirement  at the link below.


How Smart Business Owners Avoid Lawsuits & Government Fines

June 1st, 2012

Elysien Private Wealth President and founder Tony DePasquale has been published in this month’s edition of Nevada Business Magazine. Tony discusses new retirement and business regulations that are putting business owners at risk for lawsuits and hefty government fines in his article The Secret Business Killer.

Read the entire article here: How Smart Business Owners Avoid Lawsuits & Government Fines

Five Reasons Why You Will Lose Money With Facebook Stock

May 17th, 2012

By: Tony DePasquale – President, Elysien Private Wealth

I have received a lot of client questions regarding the Facebook initial public offering (IPO) that will be available to accredited investors at the end of this week. Many of our clients have contacted me and are interested in the company. With all the buzz around Facebook over the last few years, it is easy to see why so many people are talking about this new stock. That being said, as a company, Facebook has some major hurdles to climb in order to make this business a good investment for individual investors. Below are five reasons why you should steer clear of the Facebook IPO.


1) Revenue Concerns –  One of the biggest reasons Google is so profitable is because 1 in 250 people will click on paid ads in order to find services. With Facebook, only 1 in 2,000 people are clicking on ads and utilizing these services. The revenue model is untested and poses some major hurdles for management moving forward. What we simply do not know yet, is how this company will make money. Right now, it is mostly projections. Not a good basis for investment.

2) IPO Historical Performance – IPOs are historically bad investments for individual investors. They are bid up by institutions and dumped onto individuals. Once the market corrects the valuation, more often than not, initial  investors will take a loss. It is better to let the market find a real value of what people will pay, instead of taking the word of the valuation by the companies who underwrite and sell the stock.

3) Insider Selling – Insiders and institutions are already liquidating positions and are essentially day-trading the stock. This is a good indication that they expect the market to correct pricing, and the institutions are looking to make some money and get out quickly. Not a good sign for individual investors.

4) Losing Advertising – Facebook has already lost a major advertiser in General Motors, whose board believes the return on investment is just not there for marketing on the social media site. Not a good sign for future growth.

5) Mark Zuckerberg – If the dot-com tech bubble of the 90’s taught us anything, it should be to be wary of 20 somethings with little management experience with highly publicized websites. Many of these sites got great media attention, went public, then subsequently went bust. I am not saying Facebook will not be a long term strong company, or that their management team is inept, but I am saying that when the underwriters have listed Mr. Zuckerberg as a risk to the stock, investors should take notice.

The key to making sure your investing goals are best met is to stick with a disciplined investment philosophy. If Facebook fits within that established philosophy, then maybe the risks outlined above are not strong enough to deter you from purchasing at the IPO. However, if your philosophy does not allow for stocks such as Facebook’s, then you’re better off staying the course you’ve established. If you don’t have an established investment philosophy – or have no idea what it is – then get in touch with us today and we will work with you to avoid this costly financial mistake.

Firm Mismanagement costs ABB LTD. 401k Plan $35 Million In Losses, Judge Says.

April 4th, 2012

Read this recent article on FA Magazine about another breach of fiduciary duty case involving retirement plan losses. Business owners and plan sponsors need to call us today to learn how to avoid these types of lawsuits.

Elysien Private Wealth President Tony DePasquale Featured as columnist on the Henderson Press

April 2nd, 2012

Tony DePasquale is featured in this weeks Henderson Press as a guest columnist regarding Nevada retirement fraud and killer pension plans. The article is the first in a series that will uncover hidden fees and liabilities for Nevada Business owners and employees that are lurking inside of their Nevada 401k and 403b plans. You can read the first part of this article here.

Tony DePasquale Expert Las Vegas Financial Planner Interview on FOX 5 Las Vegas

April 2nd, 2012


Elysien Private Wealth President Tony DePasquale on FOX 5 Las Vegas

April 2nd, 2012

Elysien Private Wealth President Tony Depasquale was recently interviewed by FOX 5 Las Vegas as an expert financial planner and what to do if you hit the mega millions jackpot! You can see the video of Tony’s interview here.

Elysien Private Wealth President Tony DePasquale Interviewed in the March Issue of Nevada Business Magazine

March 2nd, 2012

Elysien Private Wealth President and Founder Tony DePasquale is featured in the March 2012 addition of Nevada Business Magazine. Mr. DePasquale was interviewed as part of an Investment Industry focus group held at The Holland & Hart law offices in Las Vegas. Mr. DePasquale discussed numerous trends and insights regarding the investment management business: including new regulations, client trust and the outlook for the Las Vegas economy. You can read the full transcript of the interview here.