Las Vegas Financial Planning Services

“No legacy is so rich as honesty.”

– William Shakespeare


Why “Elysien” Private Wealth – Behind the Name:

The Las Vegas financial planning firm Elysien Private Wealth was founded upon principles of honor, honesty and trust. “Elysien” is the proper English spelling of the word “Elysian”. The Elysian Fields in Greek mythology were sacred fields that were provided to the heroes and warriors of ancient Greece in the after life. A right of passage to the Elysian Fields in Greek Mythology was considered a reward to Grecians for a lifetime of faithful service to their country.

Later, the Elysian Fields took on another mythical and famous distinction. On June 19, 1846 the Elysian Fields in Hoboken New Jersey were home to the very first professional baseball game in the world between the New York Baseball Club and The Knickerbockers.

The name Elysien or the “Elysian” Fields represented the type of honor and respect a Las veags financial planning company should have when working with the heroes and warriors of the economic and financial markets in modern day America. We felt the proper English spelling of “Elysien” also paid tribute to Western Civilization and how far we have come as a society from Greek Democracy, to the European Renaissance, and now to American Exceptional-ism.

Who We Are

Elysien Private Wealth is a fee only, independent Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) firm headquartered in Henderson, Nevada. We provide Las Vegas financial planning, investment and financial solutions to many different clients from around the state. We believe that transparent, fee only Las Vegas financial planning and Las Vegas investment management services our the best way to properly serve the best interest of our clients. This pledge to a fiduciary duty, separates us from 99% of all the investment and Las Vegas financial planning firms in Nevada. Elysien Private Wealth and our business practices are monitored by The Nevada Secretary of State. Also, our Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) CRD # is 151511.

Please feel free to review the rest of the website in order to see the Elysien Difference and Contact US to see how our Las Vegas financial planning services can help you continue on the path to financial prosperity.