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Fee-only, independent Las Vegas financial advisors and Las Vegas wealth managers that focus on providing results driven, balanced solutions for your prosperity and financial security.

Elysien Private Wealth & Real Property is an independent, fee-only, Las Vegas wealth management firm with licensed Las Vegas financial advisors that are dedicated to common-sense, accountable, and proven investment solutions. With our Las Vegas financial advisors as your guide, you will work with fee-only Las Vegas financial advisors that have no conflicts of interest, no products to sell, and no hidden agendas. This allows our Las Vegas financial advisors to be the guardians of your assets, an oath that we take seriously and administer with pride.

Our efficient Las Vegas financial advisors will help provide you with financial solutions that will integrate every aspect of your personal financial plan into your custom Las Vegas wealth management strategy. Our Las Vegas financial advisors focus on retirement planning and Nevada pension services, as well as personal Nevada trust and investment planning. Our Las Vegas financial advisors can assist you with everything from portfolio management, to 401k and IRA management to private banking and insurance needs. This fee only approach, provides you with hassle- free, results driven investing and financial security that cannot be matched by the big Wall Street firms.

At Elysien Private Wealth & Real Property, we believe that you have the right to work with competent Las Vegas financial advisors that put your needs and the needs of your family first. You have earned the right to an independent relationship with your Las Vegas financial advisors, no matter what investment issues you face. At Elysien Private Wealth, we will provide you with the trusted financial leadership that will help protect your assets and help guide you to the secure financial future you have earned.

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Elysien Private Wealth serves a diverse and affluent client base that may include: families, individuals, executives, professionals, entertainers, athletes, trusts, corporate retirement/pension plans, not for profit organizations, and foundations.

We primarily serve the needs of Nevada residents, but are well versed in the financial needs of clients located around the United States.

Many of our clients are referrals from existing relationships and other professionals.

We are independently owned and do not maintain affiliate shareholders or corporate ownership.

Independence provides us an additional layer of freedom from the potential conflicts of interest that could occur if corporate/shareholder interests are placed before client interests.

We take a comprehensive multi-generational viewpoint of wealth management and financial planning that allows us to have an intimate knowledge of your unique circumstances.

Our financial framework allows us to handle complex planning issues for: parents, grandparents, children, trusts, foundations, philanthropic gifting, and businesses.

Our dedicated financial advisory team has over 65 years experience in the fields of financial services and economics.

We consider ourselves stewards of your enterprise and feel managing wealth that has been earned over decades is an honor. Education and results are important to us.

These are just a few of the many values that separate us from our competition.

Reports & White Papers
Elysien Private Wealth is a fee only, independent Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) firm headquartered in Southern Nevada.

From time to time, we write articles and white paper reports that are available for our clients and other interested parties.

You can learn more about investment concepts, estate planning, trust and foundations, investment management, financial planning, retirement planning, pension planning, private banking, finance solutions, as well as many other topics of interest.

These articles are located here for your information and enjoyment.

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The Elysien Wealth Health Challenge will help you understand your complete financial picture and assist you with making better investment decisions. Our wealth health exam has been structured to test your awareness of your current investment and financial foundation, as well as understanding the accountability your current advisors have towards you and your family. Our wealth health exam is fast, fun, and informative. It will revolutionize your ideas about the financial services industry and renew your faith in the investment world.